Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

To continue on with my wedding shower planning I tried out a cookie recipe that might just make the menu. These Earl Grey Tea Cookies are more of an adult cookie with a smokey flavor of ground earl grey tea and a hint of citrus. Since I am planning a tea party luncheon for the shower these of course make perfect sense! When I opened the oven after they were done baking there was no way I could miss the aroma of tea and I think they may have just made the menu!

Love my mixer!





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5 Responses to “Earl Grey Tea Cookies”

  1. minh-yen Says:

    Oh yum!!!! I love earl gray lattes and teas!!! And I recently had an earl gray chocolate, yum!

  2. Ms. Messmaker Says:

    Oh my….these look delicious! And another use for tea…..yay! I’m just going to have to try these out. Thanks for the visit to my blog :o)

  3. sweetwhimsyblog Says:

    I’m interested in finding out what other tea tastes good in this recipe. Share with me if you try them!

  4. Lisa Says:

    These sound so good and unusual! I love Constant Comment tea so I think I am going to try this recipe using it instead of the Earl Grey. Wish me luck! Thanks for this one!

  5. sweetwhimsyblog Says:


    Good luck let me know how it turns out!

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