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Stagette-White Water Rafting

July 8, 2011

This past Canada Day long weekend I threw my bestest friend her Stagette. Being a unique girl she wanted a unique celebration, so we decided on a river rafting adventure! Now it may not have been a stereotypical bachelorette bash but I did learn one thing…either way the ladies still expect strippers! Asking the group of guys on the bus ride for their dancing (gyrating) skills and short striptease from our guide (top off only) started our float down the river.

Our impromtu strippers

We spent about 2 1/2 hours on the water and ended the trip with a broke down bus, a flipped raft (full of our strippers) and lastly a delicious bbq!

our guide, Frenchie!


City Escape

October 30, 2010


Tomorrow I will be escaping the city and heading home to be around family. I am looking forward to having the time to dedicate to my blog and unleashing all the creative projects that are in my head. Lots of baking, photographing and hopefully the completion of a DIY ribbon necklace I have been working on. Stay tuned!

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Bowen Island Belle

September 17, 2010

Great view after a hard hike

Sometimes you want to get away from the city but if you only have one day off it makes it a little difficult. When we found out we could take a water taxi right from Granville Island and be away from the city in less than 30 minutes we were in. You definitely feel like you’ve travelled further, which makes it easier to pretend you’re on vacy, but you’re just outside the city. We started with a great breakfast at the cafe, a hike to Killarney Lake, a nap in the open meadow, then some ice-cream before we headed back to downtown Vancouver. Overall a great place to escape…I’ll be back Bowen Island!

Good bye Vancouver

Can't go wrong with Egg's Benny at the Snug cafe. The waiter even took our picture!

Chess board at Snug Cafe

We've reached Killarney Lake

Some friends we made in the meadow

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